If you are a casual or full-time worker, or sole trader, who has lost income related to COVID-19, you are likely eligible for the new Government JobSeeker payment support.

There is good news.  The Government is behind you with a generous fortnightly payment of at least $1,100.  You will be back paid from your qualified application date, so get on to it quickly.  You can also qualify for the March 31 $750 Economic Support Payment

Important timing:

If you also likely qualify for Early Access to Superannuation of up to $10,000 in each of the next 2 years to support your recovery.

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In the COVID-19 circumstances, there is also Expanded Eligibility for JobSeeker payments.

What is the JobSeeker payment support?

The JobSeeker payment is financial help if you’re between 22 and Age Pension Age and looking for work.  It’s also for when you’re sick or injured and can’t do your usual work.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Government has made it available to people who have been financially impacted, lost hours and income due to the COVID-19 situation.

For example, if you are in hard-hit sectors like the travel and hospitality industry, you have lost your job or as a casual worker or sole trader who has lost 20% more of your income, you will qualify for at least 6 months of the JobSeeker payments.

If you are a single parent you may be eligible for the Parenting Payment which is a slightly higher fortnightly payment, with a maximum of $790.10, plus the $550 supplement.

What is the benefit relating to Covid-19?
The new rate for the next 6 months is a minimum of $1,100 per fortnight.

 It is the normal payment from JobSeeker, Parenting or Youth Allowance, plus a $550 fortnightly Coronavirus Supplement Payment.

You can also be eligible for the $750 Economic Support Payment.

How do I Claim JobSeeker?
Right now in the COVID-19 circumstances, there is Expanded Eligibility for JobSeeker payments and an express application and claiming process.

Claim Online

The best way to apply and claim is online – Apply Here

You will need a MyGove Account linked to Centrelink.  If you don’t have these, no problem it’s quick to set up – Click here to set up myGov and Centrelink accounts

You will need to link these accounts with Customer Reference Number to link your Centrelink Account with your myGov account.

You will also need to Confirm your identity – 1 commencement document (birth certificate or Australian arrival validation, 1 Primary ID used in the community, 1 Secondary document to show the use of your identity in the community.  At least one of these must have a photo on it, and all must show the same name.

You can track your claim.  Once your claim is submitted online, you will get a receipt – with ID number of your claim, the date of estimated completion, a link to track progress.  You can track the claim with by signing into your myGov or Centrelink Mobile App

Good luck and best wishes.

– Team CashDirect