About Cash Direct

Cash Direct was founded in 2008 to help cater for a growing demand for hassle free short term loan solutions. Cash Direct has been granted a credit license by ASIC and is member of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited, an ASIC approved external dispute resolution body.

With the Global Financial Crisis impacting banks and lenders around the world since early 2008, it’s made it harder for our customers to borrow money at a low cost with minimal fuss. The Cash Direct solution helps our customers access cash loans that they may otherwise not have access to from traditional lenders such as banks. We aim to get cash proceeds in to our customers’ bank accounts on the same day or next business day to cater for their needs and busy life.

As a responsible lender we lend within the affordability limits of our customers, for prudent purposes, to ensure they don’t get stuck with a big debt or payment obligations they cannot afford. Often we can help our customers review their circumstances and find a better loan to suit their specific circumstances. We can help customers with bad credit issues identify opportunities to improve their personal credit report to broaden their borrowing options and in turn reduce their personal borrowing costs in the near and longer term. Some customers stuck with a high interest loan are delighted with the real cash savings we can help them make - - each week, each month, each year - - just by being smarter about how they borrow. We coach our customers to get on the front foot to protect their personal credit profile to keep them in a stronger position for the day they do need to borrow.

At Cash Direct we treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated. Our motto is “We Help”. We understand you can get stuck in a tricky financial situation so always treat our customers with the respect they deserve and do our best to help them find the loan they need, when they need it.