At Cash Direct, We Help. We know when you need cash, you need it immediately. That’s why we aim to approve your loan application and wire you the cash proceeds by the next business day. We then allow you to make easy, regular payments directly from your bank account. Once you have your first loan with Cash Direct we become a reliable source of cash for times when you need a little help to cover the unexpected.

We have cash loans to suit all purposes. As a responsible lender, we will assess each individual customer’s unique circumstances to help them determine the best loan that they can afford. Sometimes a change in how you borrow today, can make a big difference in the long run.

Often we can help find a loan that can reduce the interest cost of an existing loan. If you’re unemployed or a pensioner needing a cash loan, or have an imperfect credit history, that’s fine. Often we can repair a bad credit profile to help you access larger or longer term loans with a lower interest expense.

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