Required Documents for your Cash Direct Loan

Cash Direct has a very simple 100% online loan application process. Once you complete your online application, we just need 3 key things:


1. Your latest 90 day bank statement and proof of income

This is required to help us verify your application monthly budget and loan affordability.

You can upload your bank statement in seconds by logging into your Cash Direct online account, and select the Bank Statement upload button.

From there you can upload your latest 90 day bank statement from your bank directly, and also your latest Centrelink income statement.

You can also just upload a saved file of  these items to the Documents section of your Cash Direct account

2. Your ID

We just need a front and back copy of your main ID.  Typically a Medicare Card or Valid Drivers Licence.

Just upload to the Documents section of your Cash Direct loan account, and that way we have it for future loans you may do with us.

You can also use other forms of ID such as a Passport, Birth Certificate, or any Valid Personal ID

To learn more about the different types of acceptable ID in Australia click here.

3. References

We won’t necessarily contact these references, but may use them to help us get hold of you if required during your Active loan period. 

We need 2 x personal references, and they can be family, friend or work colleague, or just someone you know that is a reliable and trusted.

We just need their name, relationship and a contact phone number (mobile or landline is fine).

4. Credit History

In addition to the above, Cash Direct will typically review your credit report with a credit bureau like Illion, Equifax or Experian to verify your loan and credit history. 

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