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Cash Loans From $2,001 to $10,000

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Larger Cash Loans

Got a job and expecting a tax refund this coming year?  If so, we can offer you a loan that pays the estimated amount in a loan of up to $5,000.

That way you get the money now when you want, but you know you have the funds coming to pay it down.  

The loan starts with regular loan repayments, but when the refund comes, you pay down the balance of your loan, with the rest transferred to your nominated bank account. 

We can help you with our tax partner to make sure you get an accurate tax refund, ensuring you have all your work-related expenses included as a qualified tax deduction.

This loan suits new Visa migrant works on a 482 Visa or 457 Visa, who have had to pay for their tools, training and other work-related expenses to get started.

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