Centrelink Loans

Whether you have a surprise bill, or need cash for life’s many surprises, like kids school fees and supplies, car repair, a needed holiday or even a trip to the dentist, Cash Direct is here to help you.

Cash Direct can also help you buy stuff, that may help you save by paying in cash upfront, or avoid you paying multi-year rental costs. With Cash Direct, it’s better to buy and own than pay rent for something that over years could cost much, much more. Don’t be silly and rent your fridge, washing machine, TV or furniture, pay Cash Direct and save hundreds!

We have cash loans to suit all purposes. As a responsible lender, we will assess each individual customer’s unique circumstances to help them determine the best loan that they can afford. Sometimes a change in how you borrow today, can make a big difference in the long run.

Often we can help find a loan that can reduce the interest cost of an existing loan. If you’re unemployed or a pensioner needing a cash loan, or have an imperfect credit history, that’s fine. Often we can repair a bad credit profile to help you access larger or longer term loans with a lower interest expense. If you’ve got a current bank account and residential address, you could qualify to receive Cash Direct funds within 24 hours.

We highly recommend being prudent with your personal budget and you can understand how to save and spend within your means at the Government’s Money Smart Budget Planner website which will set up a centrelink income and expense budget to help your weekly and month budget.