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Pensioner Home Equity Access

Before considering a loan with Cash Direct or other lenders, you should consider sourcing funds via the Home Equity Access Scheme.
This is designed for Aged Pensioners to use the equity in their home to get a loan from Services Australia. This can provide a large amount of funds and the interest rate is very low, currently 3.95%.
You can have the funds paid in regular income like payments each fortnight, or as a lump sum.
You then repay the loan over time, that will include the amount borrowed, interest and legal expenses.
To see if you qualify, access the Home Equity Access Scheme calculator here Home Equity Eligibility or from your Centrelink Account.

Who Can Get a loan under the Home Equity Access Scheme?
In short, you or your partner need to:

For more details on whether you can qualify for the home equity access scheme, click here.

This can be a good alternative to getting a small loan if an unexpected situation arises.

If you do still require a Cash Direct small loan the best way is to apply online, it only takes a few minutes.

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