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Job Seeker Eligible

Can I get a loan if I receive Job Seeker benefits?

Yes. The Cash Direct Job Seeker loan is for people currently receiving regular Job Seeker benefits and are expecting this to continue until they move to a casual, part-time or full-time position soon.  They may be living at home with their parents or sharing accommodation to manage their monthly expenses.

If more than 50% of your total income is from Job Seeker benefits, your loan repayments can not exceed 10% of your total income. Before considering a loan, you can also see if you qualify for a Centrelink Advance Payment which is a nil cost advance. To learn more about Advance Payments, click here.

What is a Job Seeker Benefit?

The Centrelink Job Seeker allowance provides support payments while you are unemployed and looking for work.

You may be eligible for Job Seeker Payment if:

You can access more information about the Job Seeker Payment here

What is a Job Seeker Eligible Loan?

At Cash Direct, we offer a Job Seeker Eligible Loan, which allows our customers to borrow between $200 and $1,000 over a 1 to 12 month period. The amounts can be larger if you also have additional wages or other income. These loans suit those who don’t need to borrow a lot and prefer to pay their loan down typically within 6 months. They are designed to help you out with additional expenses whilst you are looking for work, such as bills, car repairs to get to your next job, work interview attire and other expenses.

Before you apply for a Cash Direct Small Job Seeker loan you should check whether you are eligible for a Centrelink Advance Payment, which you can also use when you get a new job.

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