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Age Pension Eligible Loan

Can I qualify for a loan if I am earning most of my income from the Centrelink Age Pension? Yes, this Cash Direct loan is for people currently receiving an Age Pension from Centrelink, and must also demonstrate a responsible budget, with any other small loan payments less than 10% of their gross income.

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How much will my Centrelink benefit be?

This pension provides payments and services for older Australians who have retired, are planning retirement or are considering working past the Age Pension age which is 67.
Right now, the total for a single is $1,064 per fortnight and for a couple is $1,604 combined. This includes the maximum basic rate, pension supplement and energy supplement.
To learn about how much income you can get as an Age Pensioner, click here how much age pension you can get


You may be eligible for an age pension if:

You can access more information about the Age pension here who can get age pension

What is an Age Pension Benefit Loan?

Our Age Pensioner eligible loan allows customers to borrow between $200 and $3,000 over a 1 to 12 month period. They suit those who don’t need to borrow a lot and prefer flexibility to pay their loan down within 6-12 months. They are designed to get you out of a tough spot if needed for example; if you have an unexpected bill, car repair or even if you want to go on a holiday. Before you apply for a Cash Direct Small Age Pensioner Eligible loan you should check whether you are eligible for either a Centrelink Advance Payment or the Centrelink Home Equity Access Scheme

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