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Visa Loans from $200 to $5,000

Cash Direct offers a range of loan options for new migrants working in Australia. If you are a Non-Permanent Resident in Australia, with a Temporary Working Visa, an International Student Visa or have a Family or Partner based Visa; you can qualify for a Cash Direct Visa Loan.
We offer Small Loans of between $200 to $2,000, that can be paid over 1 to 12 months. We also offer medium loans of up to $5,000, typically paid over 12 months. We can consider larger loans where you have higher income and capacity to repay a larger loan.

Visa Loan Eligibility

How can I qualify for a Visa Loan? Easy, you will just need to have:

Applying for a Visa Loan is 100% Online and Paperless. It will take less than a few minutes to apply online, and once approved, you sign up electronically, and money is transferred into your Australian bank account within 1 hour. As a Cash Direct Member, you will get Express Service for any future loan needs.

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Is it easier to get a loan once you become a Permanent Resident?

Yes, much easier. Once you have your permanent residency, you will find the larger banks and lenders will be much more comfortable lending to you. You can then qualify for highly competitive car and home loans. Your permanent residency will also give you access to free education at Public Schools and access to Medicare, Australia’s Public Health Care System. If you need help funding your Permanent Resident Application, click here.

Tax Advance Loan for Visa Workers

The Tax Advance loan is an effective loan for new non-resident workers, on a temporary visa, who are working at least 20 hours per week, and expecting a tax refund in their upcoming annual tax return from the Australian Taxation Office.  

Cash Direct can offer a loan that can be repaid in part or full via your tax refund. In essence, you will receive your tax refund sooner, based on a reasonable estimate of that refund amount. You must also demonstrate an ability to fund the loan in regular payments from your ordinary budget.

The advantage of this loan is to get your tax refund funds sooner, and also have a clear path to repay the funds sooner to reduce the cost of the loan.

These loans are typically:

What is an Annual Tax Return with the Australian Taxation Office?

Australian tax returns cover each financial year from 1 July to 30 June, referred to as the Financial Year in Australia.  When you lodge your own tax return it must be done by 31 October.

As a Visa holder, the Department of Immigration checks to make sure you complete your Tax Return as per conditions set out in your Visa.  Not doing this, or not doing it on time, can put your Work Visa at risk.

In simple terms, the return requires a declaration of your annual Australian income and any work-related expenses. 
During the year, your employer transfers an estimate of your tax obligation via a Pay As You Go (PAYG)   process for each of your pay cycles.  You can earn a tax refund if more tax is retained during this PAYG process than owed from your final tax return.

Often, for new working migrants working a partial year, and incurring work-related expense tax deductions, a material refund is possible.

You can include Tax deductions for work tools and equipment that will reduce the amount of tax you owe, contributing to your refund.

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