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What are Centrelink Benefits?

Centrelink is part of the Australian Government department of Human Services that was created in 2004. They offer a range of benefits through health, social and welfare payments and services. As of 2021, 5.4 m people receive some sort of welfare support, and the government spends around $200bn per annum on welfare support each year. For more details see Australia's-welfare-2023-in-brief

The objective is to create a safety net for people who may have greater disadvantages than others, or just can’t find regular employment income like most Australians.

It is funded out of taxes paid by workers and businesses, and other sources. They deliver payments and services at times of major change for all these groups:

They can also offer child support for separated parents.

If you receive regular Centrelink payments from one of these sources, you may be eligible for a Small Centrelink loan of between $200 to $3,000.

To find out if you are eligible for Centrelink payments, or other Centrelink payments if you already receive a benefit, you can use their payment search and finder tool.

If you are already on Centrelink benefits you may be eligible for a concession or health care card. These can help you get cheaper health services and medicine to help improve your monthly budget. Click here to check.

How do I apply for a Small Centrelink Eligible Loan?

Just click here to apply and fill out the application form, we’ll then ask for a 90 day bank statement and Centrelink Income Statement to validate your regular monthly income and expenses.

Before you apply for a Cash Direct Small loan you should check whether you are eligible for either a Centrelink Advance Payment or the Centrelink Home Equity Scheme Loan which are much lower cost Pension

Also, if you are planning to apply for a loan to help with a bond or rental payment first check whether you would be eligible for rent assistance through Centrelink or help from your relevant state government department. Click here to learn more.

There are also several government sites that can help you with budgeting or saving. If you wish to learn more about these click here.

The main types of Small Centrelink loans we offer at Cash Direct are:

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