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Small Cash Loans from $200 to $2,000 paid within 60 minutes

Larger, Quick Cash Loans of up to $5,000

Need a little more cash, and fast? Cash Direct also offers a larger cash loan of up to $5,000.

You can apply for a larger cash loan of $2,001 to $5,000 and receive the cash in the same day.

This can be used to consolidate some higher cost smaller loans, pay for a larger car repair, or potentially buy a used car or other vehicle.

It’s free to apply, 100% online and you can expect an answer and your funds in the same day.

What is a larger, quick Cash Loan?

The Cash Direct, larger Quick Cash Loan is shorter term loan that can be approved and paid into your account on the same day. You can borrow up to $5,000 and will typically repay the loan over 12 months.

This makes it ideal for a larger emergency need, or for debt consolidation to offer relief to your regular budget. You can also use it for larger car repairs or to buy a car or other vehicle like motor bike, boat or caravan.

Amounts and Our Terms for a Larger, Quick Cash Loan

Larger Cash Loan Amounts $2,001 to $5,000
Application Fee Nil (it’s free even if not approved)
Establishment Fee $400, added to your loan amount
Annual Interest Amount 48%
Term 12-24 months
Repayment Cycle Weekly, fortnightly, monthly (in line with your main income)
Missed Payment Dishonour Fee $40 dishonour fee may be charged if a regular payment is missed
Larger Cash Loan Amounts
Application Fee
Establishment Fee
Annual interest amount
Repayment Cycle
Missed Payment Dishonour Fee
$2,001 to $5,000
Nil (it’s free even if not approved)
$400, added to your loan amount
12-24 months
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly (in line with yourmain income)
$40 dishonour fee may be charged if a regularpayment is missed

We offer straight forward loans, with no hidden fees.

How to get a Larger, Quick Cash Loan Online

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Eligibility for a Larger, Quick Cash Loan

You can be approved for one of our Larger, Quick Cash Loans if you meet these criteria:

What if I have bad credit?

At Cash Direct we take a broad view of your Responsible Lending position. We will consider your budgeting, the security you use for this larger, Cash Loan; and we can consider imperfect credit situations.

Larger, Quick Cash Loan FAQ

What do I need for a larger, Quick Cash Loan?

You will need to complete our online loan application process, and then authorise us to upload your current 90-day bank statement electronically, provide a driver’s license, your vehicle registration and 2 photos of your vehicle. We will also require at least one reference.

Can I get the funds for a larger, Quick Cash Loan on the same day?

Yes. At Cash Direct, we aim to get your cash into your account within the same day. Once you are approved, signed the loan contract and confirmed your bank direct debit authority, we can transfer the funds instantly through the OSKO NPP.

Can I get a larger, Quick Cash Loan without a bank statement?

No. For our Responsible Lending and Credit Review, we need to assess your primary bank accounts to ensure you maintain a prudent regular budget and can afford the repayments of the loan. This will help guide us on the appropriate loan amount you can qualify for.

Can I qualify for a larger, Quick Cash Loan?

Yes. We just need to make sure you can afford the loan. We will need to see sound budgeting within your primary bank statement, support from a primary reference, sound security from the vehicle you provide (that is registered in your name) and a sound credit history. With this, it’s possible to be eligible for a Cash Direct loan of $2,001 to $5,000.

Can I qualify for a larger, Quick Cash Loan if I receive Centrelink income?

Yes. However, the loan may be limited to $3,000 and may also require that you own a vehicle in your name that can be used as security for the loan. We also need to ensure you have adequate overall income and a sound budget to support the loan repayments.

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