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Disability Pension Eligible Loan

Can I get a loan if I am on a centrelink disability pension?

Yes. The Cash Direct Disability Pension Eligible Loan is for people who have qualified for a disability benefit from Centrelink. They may be living with a carer or parents who also offer financial and other support. If you earn > 50% of your income from Centrelink, your total loan repayments can not exceed 10% of your total income.

What is a Disability Pension Benefit?

The Centrelink Disability Support Pension, or DSP, provides payments if you have a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition which stops you from working.
You may be eligible for the Disability Support Pension if you meet both:

You can access more information about the Disability Support Pension here

Not everyone with a disability or mental health condition is eligible for the Disability Pension. If you are not you might be eligible for other payments which can be found here.

What is a Disability Pension Benefit?

Our Centrelink Disability Pensioner loan allows customers to borrow between $200 and $3,000 over a 1 to 12 month period. They suit those who don’t need to borrow a lot and prefer to pay their loan down within 6 months. They are designed to get you out of a tough spot if needed for example; if you have an unexpected bill, medical expenses, need new disability support equipment or even for vet fees for your pet.

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