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Visa Loans from $200 to $5,000

Visa Eligible Loans

Can I get a loan in Australia if I am on a temporary working visa or international student visa?

Yes. At Cash Direct we are a specialist in lending to temporary residents, such as new working migrants, international students or those on family visas. We will need to ensure you have a valid visa, at least 20 hours per week employment, and are maintaining a good budget that can afford the new loan repayments.

We will typically require a reference and employment verification.

At Cash Direct we are fast, very fast. You can apply online in a few minutes, and we can fund small loans of up to $2,000 into your Australian bank account within an hour of approval. For medium loans of up to $5k, it may take a little longer, and may require security.

Our process is 100% online and paperless. You can sign up electronically, and upon approval you will have a Member Online account to manage your current loan, and apply for any future loans … in a few minutes.

Non-Resident Visa Loans

We offer Visa qualifying loans if you are employed and have one of the following Visas:

Why is it difficult to get a loan in Australia if you are on a temporary visa, are a non-permanent resident?

Most lenders in Australia will only lend to Australian citizens or permanent residents. They are generally concerned that the Visa may be temporary in nature of perhaps 1-3 years only. At Cash Direct we will just make sure you have enough Visa term that is beyond the loan term, and you have the capacity to repay the loan in the period.

For our small loans, we can offer non-resident visa loans of between $200 to $2,000 which are designed to be repaid within 6 months typically, but you have the flexibility to choose between 1 and 12 months. Payments are deducted automatically via direct debit from your nominated Australian bank account.

For our medium loans, we will typically offer loans to new Visa customers of up to $5,000, repaid over 12 months. We can consider larger loans in some circumstances, such as higher income levels or with security such as a car or other vehicle.

We also help many new working migrants attain and fund their permanent residency, with affordable loans over 1-2 years. As you do borrow in Australia, and maintain a good credit history, it can help your ability to get larger loans in the future like a car or home loan. Good credit standing in Australia also helps your ability to get a rental property, a mobile phone contract, power and electricity contracts.

Is it easier to get a loan once you become a Permanent Resident?

Yes, much easier. Once you have your permanent residency, you will find the larger banks and lenders will be much more comfortable lending to you. You can then qualify for highly competitive car and home loans. Your permanent residency will also give you access to free education at Public Schools and access to Medicare, Australia’s Public Health Care System. If you need help funding your Permanent Resident Application, click here.

Will I get Approved for a loan if I have a Temporary Visa?

Chances are yes, and with a fast approval and settlement process, if you have the following:

  1. Australian Employment with a minimum of 20 paid hours per week

  2. An Australian bank account, receiving your wages, and showing a consistent and responsible budget

  3. A valid Passport and Visa, supporting a Visa term that is beyond the loan term

  4. Clear credit in Australia

  5. A good reference that can be your back-up contact

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