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Carer Pension Eligible Loan

The Centrelink Carer Pension Loan is for people who receive a regular Carer Pension Benefit. They are typically living with someone they are caring for.

What is a Carer Pension?

Centrelink provides payments to people who provide daily care to someone who has a mental health condition, has a severe disability or is frail aged.

The two main types of benefits are the Carer Payment and the Carer Allowance.

The Carer Payment provides financial help to someone who is unable to work in frequent paid employment as they care for someone who either:

You can access more information about the Carer Payment here.

The Carer Allowance is an income supplement for people providing extra daily care for someone who is either:

You can access more information about the Carer Allowance here.

The National Carer Gateway

If you need extra help as a carer, there is a national online and phone service that provides the practical information and resources to support carers.  An interactive service finder will help carers connect with local support services. To have access to this service, call 1800 422 737 or search “Carer Gateway”.

What is a Carer Pension Eligible Loan?

Our Carer Pensioner loan allows customers to borrow between $200 and $3,000 over a 1 to 12 month period. They suit those who don’t need to borrow a lot and prefer to pay their loan down within 6 months. They are designed to get you out of a tough spot if needed, for example; if you have an unexpected bill, medical expenses, new carer equipment or even the purchase of whitegoods or furniture. Before you apply for a Cash Direct Small Carer Pensioner loan you should check whether you are eligible for either a Centrelink Advance Payment or a Home Equity Scheme Loan which are much lower cost than a normal loan.

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